The Osborne Centre

The Osborne Centre is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, except Bank Holidays. Special events, meetings and activities such as Yoga take place on other days. Please contact the office for details.

The Centre provides the following facilities and activities:

  • The Centre is a place to meet for; people with MS, their carers, volunteer helpers and supporters. Transport is arranged for the less able from and back to the surrounding areas. Lunch, coffee, tea and snacks are available at very reasonable cost. The garden is an ideal place to relax when the weather is kind or the quiet room when it is not.
  • “MateS” is an Informal Group which encompasses younger members, recently diagnosed and anyone else who wishes to meet socially outside the more formal setting of the Centre.
  • Regular meetings are held for carers of people with MS in the Bournemouth and local area. Carers do not have to be members of the branch.
  • The centre has facilities for physiotherapy, yoga, hairdressing, bathing and recreation. Extensive literature about MS is available as is confidential one to one support. A small library of books, video tapes and audio cassettes are available to rent for a very small charge. The computer room has several accessible computers with broadband connexion to the internet.
  • The Branch publishes Miscellany Magazine about three times a year.
  • The centre is the focal point for the management and organisation of the branch. There is a private office for support (welfare) officers where advice and guidance can be obtained on many issues of concern to members. There is also a consulting room available for appointments with MS professionals.
  • The general offices deal with the day to day running of the branch, transport, fund raising and the organisation of social and charity events.

The Osborne Centre is situated in Church Lane, West Parley, Dorset, BH22 8TS
Tel: 01202 570300 (Office) or
01202 580391 (Transport)
Branch Contacts

A Sample of Our Lunches at The Osborne Centre

Available Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

Various Homemade Soups
(*Available Autumn and Winter)

Main Courses**
Beef /Chicken/Sausage Casserole Spanish Chicken
Beef Bourginon Sweet n Sour Chicken/Pork
Chilli-Con-Carne Lasagne
Toad in the Hole Cottage/ Pie
Sausages Fish Pie
Steak & Onion Steak & Mushroom
Chicken & Ham Chicken & Leak
Roast’s with all the trimmings:
Pork Turkey

Apple Crumble Chocolate Sponge
Fruit Flan Trifle
Rice Pudding

**Vegetarian options are available for all main courses with enough notice.

Lunch is served at 12.30pm and can be ordered up to 11.30am on the day and cost £6.00.

If you need assistance with eating, you will need to arrange for your own carer to attend during lunchtime.

If you have an allergy it is your responsibility to advise the Cook.

Osborne Centre Closure Dates 2020

Monday 13th April
Tuesday 14th April
Thursday 16th April

Monday 25th May
Tuesday 26th May
Thursday 28th May

Monday 31st August

Tuesday 1st September
Thursday 3rd September

Monday 21st December
Tuesday 22nd December
Thursday 24th December
Monday 28th December
Tuesday 29th December
Thursday 31st December

How the Bournemouth Branch Operates ‘The Osborne Centre’

The question often asked “Who runs The Osborne Centre?” has a very simple answer. Anyone who kindly offers to give some time and help each week, in any capacity, is vital to the daily functioning of the Centre. All the volunteers seen or behind the scenes, are simply priceless. The Centre operates Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Volunteers are always on hand throughout the day to assist members or be there just for a chat. In addition the branch employs a care agency to help any service users with personal care.

The branch runs four wheelchair adapted vehicles and the day could not commence without Transport Officers organising various runs, in order to bring the less able members into the Centre for the day. More volunteer drivers and escorts are always needed and welcomed. By the time people start arriving, tea coffee and biscuits are available, tables have already been set for lunches and the aromas of home cooking welcomes everyone. All thanks to a different group of volunteers working each day the Centre opens.

The activities begin as soon as the members arrive. The physiotherapy suite is soon buzzing with members eager to book sessions on the tilt tables, pedal machines, standing frames, parallel bars or multi gym. Our hysiotherapists are under contract from a local company but all the assistants are volunteers. The hairdressing salon is always busy on Tuesdays and Thursdays with volunteers washing, cutting, setting and perming hair for any member wanting a ‘hairdo’.

On Wednesdays, whilst the Centre is officially closed, there are yoga and palates classes available, with other ‘out of hours’ meetings taking place such as the Carers Group, usually in the evening as most carers work during the day.

There are two shops at the Centre. ‘Aladdin’s Cave’, the charity shop, sells good quality donated gifts whilst the ‘Tuck Shop’ sells general goods at wholesale prices. We also have an Intendo Wii system, set up within a very well equipped computer suite, which was kindly donated by Barclays Bank. The Quiet Room, built in 2007 and funded by The National Lottery, is a recently welcome addition as is the Arts and Crafts room which has been doubled in size to accommodate additional wheel-chairs.

The Centre Co-ordinator is responsible for day to day management, including the security of the building and supervising contract cleaning activities. The branch has to comply with standards set by the National Centre and the MS Society’s Constitution. It also has to work strictly under regulations set by the Charity Commission. In accordance with the Constitution the branch must have a committee of named officers. A branch is not permitted to operate without a Treasurer who meets regularly with the Chairperson, Secretary, and Lead Support Volunteer. Branches then elect other officers to suit their individual needs. For Bournemouth these volunteers undertake tasks such as organising Transport, Fundraising, MS Liaison and Carers. What is required of these officers? This is another question that has been asked i.e. Who should do what?

The following very brief descriptions may answer this, but in reality once a day session begins everyone happily tackles any query or task that is requested of them.

The Chairperson oversees monthly meetings, and when invited gives talks at various venues to promote the activities and the needs of the Centre.

The Lead Support Volunteer has overall responsibility for the Support Office and it’s volunteers. The MS Counsellor are part of this team who are in constant touch with MS members either at the Centre, in the homes of those members unable to attend sessions and of course members who are hospitalised. Advice is given about benefits and a Grants sub-committee assess individual needs, if required. Help is given to newly diagnosed people and advice given on where to seek help for home improvements and equipment. Any discussion with a member is of course totally confidential.

The Treasurer keeps detailed records of all income and expenditure and with the help of nominated cashiers is responsible for the handling of all cash. Annual accounts are finalised, in accordance with the National Centre pro-forma, for approval by the appointed auditors.

A Branch Secretary is closely involved with the general administration of the branch and is responsible for branch correspondence, taking minutes at all official meetings and putting into action decisions made by the committee.
The Fundraiser and team produce income for the branch by organising many varied events throughout the year, both in and out of house.

A separate team of dedicated volunteers undertake vital street collections, which have to be requested from Councils at least nine months in advance and permission has to be obtained from supermarkets during the previous year.

The MS Liaison Officer is the contact between the branch and local government departments, NHS, other statutory bodies and National Centre.

The Carers Officer is the link between the branch and all carers of people with MS. Responsibilities include holding regular meetings and organising social activities for the carers.

So, perhaps the answer to the question of “Who runs the Osborne Centre” should be A Dedicated Band Of Truly Wonderful People.

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