Yoga Classes – Every Wednesday

Wednesday afternoons, 1.30 to 3.00
Sept 7th to Oct 19th, Nov 2nd to Dec 14th

It’s not about putting your foot behind your neck or even standing on one leg.
It’s about mobilising those parts of you which can move, and getting stronger too.
It’s about stretching and feeling more spacious.
It’s about standing and sitting straighter and taller.
It’s about getting to know yourself better, so that you are better able to manage yourself and help yourself.
It’s about learning to be kind to yourself.
It’s about breathing so that you feel more relaxed and also more energised.
It’s about learning to use your breath to help with depression or fatigue or pain.
It’s about becoming calmer, more stable.
It’s feeling more at one with yourself and your life, more peaceful.

Why not talk to someone who comes already? (Martin, Marion, Eddie, Charlie…)

If you want to talk to me, ring 01258 839230 – leave a message if I am not there and I’ll get back to you….or email Sarah

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